IT Solutions

AIT Group helps your business stay on top with custom solutions & service. Our knowledgable and experienced team gives you an advantage in the ever changing technology world and takes the burden of IT management off your companies shoulders allowing your business to focus on results.  


• On site, remote, and emergency support available

• Hardware procurement and installation 

• IT Consulting 

• Wiring & Cabling 

• Dedecated technology experts

At ATI Group we are network authorities. Scalability, data sharing, remote access, team coordination, user configuration, and more. AIT Group can deliver the right network for your buisness and your budget.


• Network design & implementation

• Network monitoring & troubleshooting

• Remote access

• Individual Network logins

Network Services 

Data Services

Your data is essential to your business. Keep it secure and accessible from anywhere. We can even help in the event of an unexpected data loss. Data management is constantly evolving. Let ATI Group take care of your data accessibility & storage so you can rest easy. 


• Online & On Site Encrypted Backup

• Data Recovery

• Cloud Storage & Access

• Data Servers

Our Clients

" I can't say enough about ATI Group. They are responsive and adaptable. If a problem ever arrises, they are there to fix it and get us back on track. 


We rely on a large amount of proprietary data to keep our business running and the people at ATI Group have delivered and maintained a nework that performs accross various employees and in multiple facilities. "





              - Christopher, HTAS 

We protect your information and system resources. ATI Group understands that the integrity & confidentiality of your data and systems is paramount. We deploy a multi faceted approach to system security to help your buisness keep running smoothly.


• Monitor Networks for security breaches

• Software & Hardware protection

• Restriction of unauthorized access

• Up to date virus definitions & defense implementation

System Protection

System maintenance is critical to keeping your hardware and software functioning properly and keeping your business up and running. With routine maintenance and appropriate improvements we can stengthen & extend the working lifespan or your systems, saving you time and money. 


• Maintain Network software and hardware

• Preserve systems with preventative support

• Timely software updates and patches

• System repair & upgrade